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Pelco DX4708-500

Pelco DX4708-500
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Pelco DX4708-500


The PELCO-DX4708-500 is a hybrid video recorder with 500 GB of storage that brings a new range of performance and capability to the Pelco DX Seriesproduct line, including support for 8 analog channels plus two IP cameras (up to 3 MPx each). Customers can now benefit from megapixel image detail where they need it most. For example, customers can monitor registers, cash counting operations, high-value merchandise areas, or lobbies and entrances while still receiving maximum value from existing analog cameras and cabling.

The DX4708-500 is full-featured and meets the needs of a wide range of customers. Retail, branch office customers, and others will benefit from its robust capabilities including the ability to capture and overlay ATM/POS text with video recording, access instant playback for quick investigative work, and the use of bidirectional audio for enhanced security.

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