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Pelco EH3010

Pelco EH3010
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ENCLOSURE, SMALL ALUMINUM RECTANGULAR STYLE WITH REMOVABLE FRONT AND REAR END CAPS. 3 INCH HEIGHT AND 10 INCH LENGTH. W The EH3010 and EH3014 are low cost, indoor camera enclosures specifically engineered for use with small-to-medium format cameras with fixed focal length or varifocal lenses. The enclosures are attractively designed to complement any decor. The EH3000 Series is engineered for ease of installation and service. The removable rear cap provides easy access to the slide-out platform on which the camera is mounted. The adjustable glands on the rear cap allow for easy installation of the power and video cables. The removable front cap allows manual lens adjustments to be made without removing the camera. These enclosures are suitable for upright or inverted use and can be used in fixed mount applications or mounted to a light duty pan/tilt such as our PT270-24P or PT280-24P. They also can be used with our PS20 Series scanner (when used indoors).
  • Indoor Applications li>
  • Can be used with Fixed Mount or Pan/ Tilt li>
  • Easy Access for Service and Installation li>
  • Upright or Inverted Applications li>
  • For Use with Small-to-Medium Format Cameras li> ul> ul>