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Pelco EH3512-2HD/MT

Pelco EH3512-2HD/MT
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ENCLOSURE, ENVIRONMENTAL WITH EM1450 MOUNT. SMALL RECTANGULAR STYLE WITH FRONT HINGED LID AND REAR LATCH. 24 VAC THERMO The EH3512/EH3515 Series are indoor/outdoor, low cost camera enclosures constructed from die cast and extruded aluminum. The EH3512 has a lower body length of 12.75 inches (32.38 cm) and the EH3515 has a lower body length of 15.75 inches (40.00 cm). These enclosures are for use with cameras having fixed focal length lenses or motorized zoom lenses (with or without auto iris operation). The front hinged lid provides easy access to the removable camera sled. Two adjustable (PG13.5) glands on the bottom of the enclosure allow for easy installation of the power and video cables. The rear link-lock latch can be used with a padlock of suitable size to secure the enclosure. Field-installed options include heater-defroster, blower, and sun shroud. The enclosures can also be factory-ordered with a low power 24V, 120V, or 230V heater-defroster and blower or heater-defroster only. The EH3512 and EH3515 are ideal for small-to-medium cameras and can be mounted to either our PT270/PT280 Series (indoor) or PT570/PT680 Series (outdoor) pan/tilts, or any compatible mount. An EH-MKIT marine kit is available for EM1512 and EM1450 wall mounts. The marine kit protects enclosures and wall mounts from galvanic corrosion. Basic EH3512 WITH 24VAC, Heater and Defroster.