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Pelco KBD200A

Pelco KBD200A
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Pelco KBD200A


FULL-FUNCTION, FIXED/VARIABLE SPEED, PAN/TILT/ZOOM CONTROL. WEIGHT 3 The KBD200A Keyboard is a full-function, desktop keyboard controller that can be used in a variety of applications. Left, right, up, and down keys provide precise pan and tilt control of fixed speed and variable speed receivers. Variable speed equipment is controlled by programming the speed with the keyboard. Additional keys select cameras and monitors; operate presets, patterns, auxiliaries, and sequences; open and close the iris; zoom and focus the lens; and start and stop auto, frame, and random scanning. The keyboard can be used in six modes of operation: CM6700/CM6800/CM9760-SAT Mode, Direct P, Direct D, CM6700 ASCII, CM6800 ASCII/DX8100, and CM9760-MDA. In the first two modes, the keyboard is plugged into a CM6700, CM6800, or CM9760-SAT switcher/controller unit (SCU) and is used to program and operate the SCU. The maximum number of keyboards per unit is eight (CM6700 and CM6800-32X6), sixteen (CM6800-48X8, CM6800E-48X8, and CM6800-96X16), or four (CM9760-SAT). In CM6700/CM6800 applications, the keyboard can control cameras connected directly to the SCU or through an MX4000 Series Genex multiplexer. ASCII Mode is the same as the CM6700 and CM6800 Modes except that the keyboard communicates with the SCU over dial-up or fiber-optic communication lines. An RS-232 or RS-422 interface is required for the CM6700. ASCII Mode for the CM6800 requires RS-232 or RS-485. Only one keyboard can be used with an SCU in ASCII Mode. If additional keyboards are required, they can be connected directly to the SCU and used in CM6700/CM6800 Mode. If you do not need all the features of the CM6700/CM6800 SCU but want the same keyboard functionality, then one KBD200A keyboard can be wired directly to camera receivers in Direct P or Direct D Mode (KBDKIT required). Up to 16 receivers can be wired to a keyboard; however, a switcher such as an MS500 or VA6100, is required to route video to the monitor. Direct P or Direct D Mode uses two-wire control of receivers using Pelco's P or D protocol. The KBD200A keyboard can also be used for on-screen programming of the CM9760-MDA master distribution amplifier.

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