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Pelco PEL-DX81322000MDVR 32-Channel 2-TB Digital Video Recorder with 32-Channel MUX

Pelco PEL-DX81322000MDVR 32-Channel 2-TB Digital Video Recorder with 32-Channel MUX
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Pelco PEL-DX81322000MDVR 32-Channel 2-TB Digital Video Recorder with 32-Channel MUX


The Choice for Professional Security. As your business becomes more diversified, you need a professional digital video recorder (DVR) that can grow with and stay a step ahead of your security requirements. Your security application might require more cameras or DVR software to provide more sophisticated operation and control features. The DX81322000M DVRs bring a new and innovative hardware platform powered by unparalleled and unique high performance software. The DX81322000M meets your security needs today and is expandable to meet your future requirements. When you need to quickly and easily add more security cameras, the DX81322000M-EXP 16-channel expansion unit extends the 8- or 16-channel unit to 24 or 32 channels. With or without the channel expansion unit, all of the cameras take advantage of the increased frame rate of 2CIF and 4CIF recording. The DX8116250Acan records video up to 480 images per second (ips) at a maximum CIF image size, and it can be configured to record individual or all cameras for continuous, motion detection, alarm, ATM/POS, and normal recording schedules. The DX8116250Acan also be set to record at a higher recording rate upon alarm. For DX8108 or DX8116 systems that require storage beyond the internal capacity of 4 TB, simply add our 2.25, 4.5, 6.75, or 9 TB external storage systems. If your security application requires enhanced audio recording beyond the two standard audio channels, the optional audio cards provide one audio channel for each video channel. Optional audio cards disable the standard onboard audio channels. With its 10/100/1000 megabit connection, the DX8116250Acan operate as part of a network connecting up to five DX8116250AThe remote client can be used to view live or recorded video from any camera connected to any DVR to which it has rights, configure and control pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras, and perform administrative tasks with proper login rights. The DX8116250Ais a remote client is included at no extra cost and may be installed at an unlimited number of client workstations Innovative New Features and Functionality. Version 1.2 enhances DX8116250Ausability for the ever-changing security environment. With the addition of a second VGA or composite monitor, the unique server dual display capability allows you to simultaneously view up to 72 cameras. Use the server configuration tool to simply drag and drop any camera from any networked DX8116250Aserver and configure a variety of display views. Different views are easily selected using the extended monitor toolbar. The system operator can now easily perform administrative functions on the primary monitor and view video from critical cameras displayed on the extended VGA monitor. An extended composite monitor can be placed away from the server, as a public view monitor or manager's viewing station, to view video from strategically placed cameras. With expanded ATM/POS functionality, the DX8116250Acan simultaneously record video and POS transactions for as many as 16 ATM/POS devices. System health check monitoring provides a quick view of critical CPU components' operating status. It also displays an alert on the server when a component functions outside the operating limit, maximizing the functionality of the DX8116250Afor your most critical video security needs. These new feature innovations, coupled with a proven performance history, continue to make the DX81322000M"the professional's choice of DVR" for your security application. Specifications: Model: DX81322000M Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz, auto ranging Power Consumption: Maximum 350 W Signal System: NTSC/PAL Operating System: Windows XP Embedded only Recording Resolutions NTSC: 20X240/640X240/640X480/352X240/704X240/704X480 Recording Resolutions PAL: 320X288/640X288/640X576/352X288/704X288/704X576 Compression: Pelco engineered Video Inputs:32 (looping with automatic termination) VGA Outputs: 1 Dual Display Card: 1 switch-selectable VGA (DB15) or analog (BNC) output Analog Video Outputs: 1 Alarm Input Terminals: 32(user selectable, N.O./N.C.) Relay Output Terminals: 32(user selectable, N.O./N.C.) Relay Contact Ratings Rated (Resistive) Load: 0.5 A at 120 VAC or 1 A at 24 VDC Remote Administration: Full remote control through TCP/IP network BNC: Video inputs and outputs 6-pin mini-DIN PS/2 mouse and keyboard DB9: COM 1 DB15: VGA port RJ-45: 10/100/1000 Megabit Ethernet port and RS-485/RS-422 ports USB: 6high-speed USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 4 back); connect mouse and keyboard Audio Connectors: Miniature male phone plug for line in, microphone in, and audio output Audio Decoding: GSM610 Wave Format Audio Bit Rate: 8 Kbps Audio Levels input: Line-level input Audio Levels output: Line-level output Audio Connectors Female RCA jacks Audio Inputs: 32 for the 34-channel unit Audio Outputs: 1 Operating Temperature: 50° to 95°F (10° to 35°C) Relative Humidity: Maximum 80%, no condensing Desktop: 19.9" D x 17.0" W x 7.0" H (50.55 x 43.18 x 17.78 cm) Rack Mount: 22.0" D x 19.0" W x 7.0" H (4 RUs) (55.88 x 48.26 x 17.78 cm) Desktop: 8.19" D x 17.00" W x 1.73" H (20.80 x 43.18 x 4.39 cm) Rack Mount: 8.19" D x 19.00" W x 1.73" H (20.80 x 48.26 x 4.39 cm) Antivirus Software Supported: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Version 7.5; Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition Version 10.1.6; McAfee VirusScan Plus with SiteAdvisor

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