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Pelco E30122AMZ10PN

Pelco E30122AMZ10PN
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The Pelco ES30122AMZ10PN Integrated Positioning System (Pedestal Adaptor) consists of a receiver, a pan/tilt, an enclosure, and a factory-installed optics package that includes a C10DN-6 day/night camera with Z10P (6-60 mm) lens. An EPP pedestal adaptor is used to mount an Esprit system directly to a pedestal mount. The system has an input voltage of 24VAC. With die-cast, extruded, sheet aluminum construction and stainless-steel hardware, the positioning system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and being gear-free, it requires minimum maintenance. Capable of operating in 90mph winds, the Positioning System can withstand wind velocities up to 130mph, and can function in temperatures ranging from -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C). Within 2 hours of starting up, the system can de-ice and be operational from a temperature of -13°F (-25°C). With the help of power-up recovery mode, the user can decide which operation of the system will be resumed when the power comes back on. It also includes a built-in thermostatically-controlled heater window defroster/defogger, and insulation bracket to maintain to internal temperature of the unit. A sun shroud protects the system from the direct rays of the sun. The C10DN-6 Day/Night camera has a 1/3" CCD color image sensor and offers a high resolution of 540TVL, With a minimum illumination of 0.3 lux (color mode) and 0.07 lux (B&W mode), the camera is suited for low-level night time surveillance. The camera uses a removable IR (infrared) cut filter to switch between color and black & white as per the ambient changes in lighting. The compact camera has a standard CS lens mount, and can be used with fixed, manual, or auto iris (DC or video drive) lenses. Area masking, titling, pixel correction, and preset lighting profiles can be selected through the on-screen menu, using the side joystick. Automatic gain control adjusts the signal strength to maintain a constant brightness level. Backlight compensation adjusts video gain to correct the exposure when the object being captured is in front of a bright light source. Auto white balance takes a standard white color reference to adjust the RGB (red, green, and blue) colors to produce good quality images in a wide range of lighting conditions. The auto iris is controlled through a standard 4-pin square connector (included). The camera features electronic shutter control (ESC), flickerless mode, and autosensing power (24 VAC with internal line lock or 12 VDC with internal synchronization) and offers long distance cable compensation. Zone blanking blanks out an entire area or zone (which is set by a system operator) to eliminate any unnecessary video information from being processed, thus decreasing video traffic over a network. Up to 8 zones can be programmed to output blank video for areas not requiring video surveillance. The blank video output can be with or without labels; each label has a maximum limit of 20 characters. Window Blanking function blocks up to 4 user-defined, 4-sided shapes from being viewed by the operator. Variable pan/tilt speeds range from 0.5-40°/sec in manual pan and 0.5-20°/sec in manual tilt. The system has pan preset and turbo speeds of 100°/sec in wind speeds of 50mph and 50°/sec in 90mph wind speeds. Capable of 360° continuous pan rotation, the pan/tilt head has a tilt preset speed of 30°/sec and a tilt ranging from +33 to -83°. The 64 programmable preset positions have a preset accuracy of 1/4°. With on-screen, user-friendly menus, the system is easy to program and operate. The easy-to-install system has quick and simple electrical connections with 2 power source connections made at mount location with wire splices and 1 ground wire splice. The Z10P motorized zoom lens features a direct-drive auto iris and has up to 10x optical zoom with a focal length of 6-60 mm. A relative aperture size between f/1.6 and f/360 allows the lens to perform across a wide range of lighting conditions. Enclosure/Hardware: Integrated enclosure made of die-cast, extruded sheet aluminum, stainless-steel hardware with a gray polyester powder coat finish Accepts camera and lens combinations (including BNC connector) up to 12.10 x 3.45 x 3.17" (30.73 x 8.76 x 8.05 cm) (L x W x H) Thermostatically controlled heater/window defroster, sun-shroud, and insulation bracket 2 power source connections made at the mounting location with wire nut splices and 1 ground terminal Operational in 90mph winds, can withstand wind velocity up to 130mph Optically clear, impact/scratch-resistant Lexan viewing window-0.23" (5.84mm) thick Designed for minimal maintenance, no gears to adjust Easy to install with quick and simple electrical connections Camera mounting-elongated holes on removable camera mount; supplied with an adaptor bracket to accommodate various heights of cameras C10DN-6 Day/Night Camera: 1/3" color CCD image sensor with 768 x 494 pixels Digital signal processing Horizontal resolution of 540 TVL Minimum illumination-0.3 lux (color mode) and 0.07 lux (B&W) On-screen menu configuration with side joystick Standard CS lens mount Autosensing DC Drive Auto Iris Autosensing power (24 VAC with internal line lock or 12 VDC with internal synchronization) Automatic gain control Auto white balance Analog eclipser function Electronic shutter control (ESC) Flickerless mode Long distance cable compensation Internal top/bottom mount CS lens mount 8 zones (programmable in size) can be labeled with up to 20 characters each Zone blanking across 8 programmable zones for ensuring privacy wherever required, for example, around password panels and combination locks Pan/Tilt/Presets: Preset positioning, patterns, multiple scan modes Variable speed pan-0.1 to 100°/sec with proportional pan Tilt preset speed of 30°/sec Tilt range of +33 to -83° 360° continuous pan rotation Pan preset speed of 100°/sec in 50mph winds and 50°/sec in 90mph winds Variable scan speeds (1 to 40°/sec) On-screen compass, tilt, and zoom display Lens with Presets: Motorized zoom lens Direct-drive auto iris 10x optical zoom Focal length of 6-60 mm Relative aperture size between f/1.6 and f/360 Minimum object distance-1.0m Specifications: Image Sensor: 1/3" image format interline transfer CCD Pixel Resolution: 752 (H) x 582 (V) Horizontal Resolution: 540TVL Minimum Illumination: B&W-0.07 lux, f/1.2, 40 IRE, AGC on, 75% scene reflectance Color-0.3 lux, f/1.2, 40 IRE, AGC on, 75% scene reflectance Pan Angle: 360° Continuous pan rotation Tilt Angle: Unobstructed +33° to -83° Pan Speed: Manual: 0.5 to 40°/sec variable-speed operation Turbo: 100°/sec Preset: 100°/sec Tilt Speed: Manual: 0.5 to 20°/sec variable-speed operation, Preset: 30°/sec Preset Positions: 64 Mounting: Camera Mounting: Elongated holes on removable camera mount; supplied with an adapter bracket to accommodate various heights of cameras Maximum Camera/Lens Size: Lx W x H: 12.1 x 3.5 x 3.2" (30.7 x 8.8 x 8.1cm) Power Requirements: 120/230VAC Power Consumption: 70VA Material: Die-cast, extruded and sheet aluminum; stainless steel hardware Finish: Gray polyester powder coat Viewing Window: 0.18" (4.76mm) thick, optically clear, impact resistant MR5 coated Lexan (UL 94 HB rated) Operating Temperature: -40 to 122°F (-40 to 50°C) for sustained system operation or 140°F (60°C) absolute maximum. Within two hours after power-up, the entire unit can de-ice and be operational from a temperature of -13°F (-25°C) Dimensions: 7.7 x 16.4 x 17.3" (19.7 x 41.7 x 43.9cm) Weight: 25.7 lbs (11.7kg) Lens: Format: 1/3" Focal Length: 6-60 mm Zoom Ratio: 10x Aperture: f/1.6 to 360 Angle of View: 9.7 to 53.7°, 7.8 to 43.7°, 5.9 to 33.0°