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Pelco PEL-IX30DN12U Sarix ImagePak Network Day/Night Camera with 3.1 Megapixel 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens Universal Mount

Pelco PEL-IX30DN12U Sarix ImagePak Network Day/Night Camera with 3.1 Megapixel 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens Universal Mount
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Pelco PEL-IX30DN12U Sarix ImagePak Network Day/Night Camera with 3.1 Megapixel 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens Universal Mount


The PEL-IX30DN12U with Sarix technology is a 3.1 megapixel (MPx) network camera designed with industry-leading image quality and high performance processing power. Designed to install quickly, the camera comes equipped with the advanced features needed for demanding security applications. Sarix technology defines the next generation of video security imaging performance, delivering high definition (HD) resolution, advanced low light capabilities, consistent color science, and fast processing power. The H.264 compression video files are up to 20 times smaller making high definition video more affordable. Camera: The IX30 Series has two 3.1 megapixel models: color and day/night. Both models feature advanced low light technology capabilities. The day/night model has a mechanical IR cut filter for increased sensitivity in low light installations. The IX30 Series can support two simultaneous video streams. The two streams can be compressed in MJPEG and H.264 formats across several resolution configurations. The streams can be configured to a variety of frame rates, bit rates, and GOP (group of pictures) structures for additional bandwidth administration. The IX30 Series is simple to install, and the automatic back focus control feature makes sharp scene focus setup easy. A convenient video setup jack eliminates the need to use a laptop for viewing video when installing the camera. The IX30 Series features built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af, which supplies power to the camera over the network, eliminating the need for a separate power supply. If PoE is not available, 24 VAC can be used to power the camera. Web Interface: The IX30 Series uses a standard Web browser for powerful remote setup and administration. Up to 16 cameras can be viewed on the same network. Network protocols such as SSL configuration for security certificates, SSH for remote logon, and QoS for priority or guarantee data flow can be managed using a Web browser. Window Blanking: Window blanking is used to conceal user-defined privacy areas that cannot be viewed by an operator. The IX30 Series supports up to four blanked windows. A blanked area will appear on the screen as a solid gray window. Systemization: The IX30 Series easily connects to Pelco IP and hybrid systems such as Endura version 2.0 (or later) and Digital Sentry version 4.2 (or later). The camera also features open architecture connectivity to third-party software. Pelco offers an application programming interface (API) for interfacing with Pelco's network cameras Specifications: General: Imaging Device: 1/3-inch (effective) Imager Type: CMOS Imager Readout: Progressive scan Maximum Resolution: 2048 x 1536 Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 50 dB Auto Iris Lens Type: DC drive Electronic Shutter Range: 1 ~ 1/100,000 sec Wide Dynamic Range: 60 dB White Balance Range: 2,000° to 10,000°K Sensitivity: f/1.2; 2,850°K; SNR >24 dB Color (33 ms): 0.50 lux Color SENS (500 ms): 0.12 lux Mono (33 ms): 0.25 lux Mono SENS (500 ms): 0.03 lux Weight (without lens): 1.11 lb (0.50 kg) Shipping Weight: 2.00 lb (0.90 kg) Electrical: Port: RJ-45 connector for 100Base-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X Cabling Type: Cat5 or better for 100Base-TX Power Input: 22 to 34 VAC; 24 VAC nominal or PoE (IEEE 802.3af class 3) Power Consumption: <6 W Current Consumption: PoE: <200 mA maximum 24 VAC: <295 mA nominal; <390 mA maximum Local Storage: Mini SD Alarm Input: 10 VDC maximum, 5 mA maximum Alarm Output: 0 to 15 VDC maximum, 75 mA maximum Service Port: External 3-connector, 2.5 mm provides NTSC/PAL video output Mechanical: Lens Mount: CS mount, adjustable Camera Mount: 0.25-inch (0.64 cm) UNC-20 screw, top and bottom of camera housing Environmental: Operational Temperature: 14° to 122°F (-10° to 50°C) Storage Temperature: 14° to 158°F (-10° to 70°C) Storage Humidity: 20% to 90%, noncondensing Video: Video Encoding: H.264 base profile and MJPEG Video Streams: Up to 2 simultaneous streams; the second stream is variable based on the setup of the primary stream Frame Rate: Up to 30, 25, 24, 15, 12.5, 12, 10, 8, 7. 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 2, 1 (dependent upon coding, resolution, and stream configuration) Additional Resolutions: 640 x 512, 640 x 352, 480 x 368, 480 x 272, 320 x 256, and 320 x 176 Supported Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP/IP (Unicast, Multicast IGMP), UPnP, DNS, DHCP, RTP, RTSP, NTP, IPv4, SNMP v2c/v3, QoS, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP (client), SSH, SSL, SMTP, FTP, mDNS (Bonjour), and 802.1x (EAP) Users: Unicast: Up to 20 simultaneous users depending on resolution settings (2 guaranteed streams) Multicast: Unlimited users H.264 Security Access: Password protected Software Interface: Web browser view and setup, up to 16 cameras Minimum System Requirements: Processor: Intel Pentium 4 microprocessor, 1.6 GHz Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X 10.4 (or later) Memory: 512 MB RAM Network Interface Card: 100 megabits (or greater) Monitor: Minimum of 1024 x 768 resolution, 16- or 32-bit pixel color resolution Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 (or later) or Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (or later); Internet Explorer 8.0 (or later) is recommended for configuring analytics Media Player: QuickTime 7.6.5 for Windows XP, Windows Vista, or QuickTime 7.6.4 for Mac OS X 10.4 Recommended Lenses: 13M2.8-12: Megapixel lens, varifocal, 2.8 ~ 12.0 mm, f/1.4 ~ 2.7 Pelco lenses have been designed and tested to deliver optimal image quality for the IX30 Series camera. The use of standard definition lenses on IX30 Series megapixel camera will limit the resolution of the camera, creating poor image quality: Field of View in Degrees 2.8 mm Horizontal: Aspect Ratio 16:9: 89 Aspect Ratio 4:3: 89 Aspect Ratio 5:4: 89 Field of View in Degrees 2.8 mm Vertical: Aspect Ratio 16:9: 48 Aspect Ratio 4:3: 66 Aspect Ratio 5:4: 70 Field of View in Degrees 6.0 mm Horizontal: Aspect Ratio 16:9: 42 Aspect Ratio 4:3: 42 Aspect Ratio 5:4: 42 Field of View in Degrees 6.0 mm Vertical: Aspect Ratio 16:9: 24 Aspect Ratio 4:3: 32 Aspect Ratio 5:4: 34 Field of View in Degrees 8.0 mm Horizontal: Aspect Ratio 16:9: 32 Aspect Ratio 4:3: 32 Aspect Ratio 5:4: 32 Field of View in Degrees 8.0 mm Vertical: Aspect Ratio 16:9: 18 Aspect Ratio 4:3: 24 Aspect Ratio 5:4: 25 Field of View in Degrees 12.0 mm Horizontal: Aspect Ratio 16:9: 21 Aspect Ratio 4:3: 21 Aspect Ratio 5:4: 21 Field of View in Degrees 12.0 mm Vertical: Aspect Ratio 16:9: 12 Aspect Ratio 4:3: 16 Aspect Ratio 5:4: 17

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