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Pelco 13VDIR2.8-11

Pelco 13VDIR2.8-11
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Pelco 13VDIR2.8-11


LENS, 1/3-INCH FORMAT, IR-CORRECTED, VARIFOCAL ZOOM, 2.8-11MM AUTO IRIS, DIRECT DRIVE, MANUAL FOCUS AND ZOOM, F1.0-360 Pelco's 13VD Series 1/3-inch varifocal lenses offer versatile and flexible packages in one basic lens. Each auto iris lens in this series covers a specific range of focal lengths. Adjust these lenses to get the exact field of view instead of "almost the right view". Appropriate for indoor and outdoor lighting situations, the 13VD Series lenses will fit all 1/3-inch CS-mount cameras requiring DC-drive auto iris lenses. In addition, all auto iris lenses include a spot filter. Lenses in the 13VD Series come with a standard square 4-pin plug installed for ease of installation and convenience. Lenses in this series are available in 2.1X, 2.4X, 2.7X, 4.3X, 8X, 10X, and 15X zoom with varying focal lengths. Pelco's VD series lenses are intraspot-type lenses, which optimize the dynamic range of the iris. Maximum apertures of no less than F1.8 to a minimum aperture of F360 are typical of all these lenses. This allows for excellent performance characteristics across a wide range of lighting conditions.

    Also known as

    • Pelco 13VDIR2.8-11 Vari-Focal Lens 2.8-11mm DC auto-iris CS IR friendly

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