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Potter Amseco PFC-6800 127 Expandable to 1,016 Point Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Potter Amseco PFC-6800 127 Expandable to 1,016 Point Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
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Potter Amseco PFC-6800 127 Expandable to 1,016 Point Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel


The Potter Amseco PFC-6800 is a single loop expandable to eight loop analog/addressable fire alarm control panel. The panel utilizes the Potter/Nohmi device protocol that has a complete line of initiating and control devices. The SLC is capable of 50 ohms of resistance and does not require the use of twisted or shielded wire. The on board Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) supports 127 of any combination of smoke sensors, heat detectors or modules. Up to six additional SLC cards may be added in the control panel. Some or all of the SLC cards may be remotely installed to provide an additional 127 points bringing the total system capacity to 1,016 points.

The PFC-6800 has a metal cabinet with a key lock and a dead front standard. The cabinet will house 8 Ah or 18 Ah batteries and the panel has the power to charge up to 55 Ah batteries. The large LCD and window allows easy viewing of the system status and the standard LEDs. The keypad allows easy operation and navigation of the system menu.

The panel has auto-programming learn mode that will not affect the existing system when adding or deleting a device. The system is capable of 1,500 software zones, cross zoning and counting zones. The panel is fully programmed from a PC based software program that will work with Microsoft XP, Vista or Windows 7.0 operating systems.

The PFC-6800 has an Ethernet connection for programming network connectivity and IP reporting communicator. The system uses a simple patch cable for connecting a PC to the panel. In addition, the system may be connected to a building network and programmed while on the network. The system has a built in e-mail function and will send system E-mail reminders The IP communicator is listed with the Sur-Gard III IPreceiver.

The panel will support P-Link devices which include: the RA-6075, RA-6500 and LED-16 Annunciators, RLY 5 Relay Module, SPG-1000 Serial Parallel Gateway (printer card), FCB-1000 Remote Ethernet/IP connection, DRV-50 LED driver for 50 LEDs, PSN-1000 Remote Power Supplies (10 Amp) and FIB-1000 P-Link Fiber Interface Module. In addition, the panel allows for the installation of the UD-1000 dual line telephone line digital alarm communicator transmitter (DACT). The UD-1000 is programmable for a single line or dual line and is compatible with Ademco's Contact ID or SIA DCS protocols.

The SLCE-127 may be installed with 6,500 feet of the control panel and may be installed in the AE-8 eight slot or AE-14 fourteen slot expansioncabinets. Another option is to install the SLCE-127 in the PSN-1000E intelligent power supply to allow remote installation of the loop adder andsystem synchronized notification circuits. Each PSN-1000 acts as a P-Link repeater and will repeat the communication to allow the installationof the remote loop thousands of feet from the main control panel.

The complete system may be converted to Class A with a CA-6500 module. The CA-6500 provides the hardware necessary to convert the remote annunciators through the Potter P-Link connection protocol, the NACs and the SLC to Class A operation.

    Also known as

    • Potter Electric Signal - PFC-6800 - 127 To 1016 Pnt Address Facp

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