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Protech Technologies SDI-77XL2-B

Protech Technologies SDI-77XL2-B
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The XL2 version of PIRAMID provides reliable outdoor "volumetric" protection under even the most severe environmental conditions.

PIRAMID X2L models SDI-76XL2 and SDI-77XL2 are dual technology sensors combining PROTECH'S proprietary STEREO DOPPLER MICROWAVE Technology with a dual element Passive Infrared sensor. The independent sensor modules are "And Gated" and must activate simultaneously to create an overall sensor alarm.

The PIRAMID XL2 sensors have a very broad application range. The key to their success is the unique, dual-channel Stereo Doppler Microwave Detector and its ability to ignore randomly moving objects. The capability to field adjust the distance a target must move to create an alarm, enhances the sensor's adaptability to most environmental situations.

Generally, the PIRAMID XL2 sensors are used for STRATEGIC AREA or SPECIFIC ASSET protection. They are also frequently used in conjunction with outdoor perimeter systems as a "gap filler".

  • STEREO DOPPLER MICROWAVE DETECTOR - Two receiving channels with the ability to eliminate vibration and periodically moving objects as sources of false alarms.
  • DUAL ELEMENT INFRARED DETECTOR - Ignores normal temperature variations yet is very responsive to rapid infrared changes created by an intruder.
  • BALANCED TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION - Stereo Doppler Microwave and Passive Infrared portions automatically adjust detection parameters to compensate for losses in range that occur at elevated temperatures.
  • STEREO DOPPLER SUPERVISION - A component failure will cause the sensor to lock-in alarm.
  • DIGITAL RANGE CONTROL - Ten-position digital switch adjusts how far the sensor detects (to it's maximum range
  • DIGITAL SENSITIVITY CONTROL - Ten-position digital switch adjusts the amount of movement required to initiate an alarm condition.
  • ENHANCED BIRD/IMMUNITY CONTROL - Two-position switch adjusts the sensors immunity to birds and small animals.
  • MASTER LED - Displayed on the face of the unit indicating the alarm relay status.
  • ANALYTIC LED'S - Alarm and Environmental Caution LED's for both technologies displayed on the face of the sensor. An internal switch can disable both Master and Analytic LED's.
  • WALK-TEST SOUNDER - Optional audible tester to assist in the walk-test and initial sensor setup. The XL-Sounder greatly simplifies the installation as it enables walk-testing and adjustment by a single installer.
  • SWIVEL MOUNTING - 180° Horizontal Adjustment, 90° Vertical Adjustment.
  • TAMPER-PROOF - Tamper switch with terminal connection.
  • ALL SOLID STATE RELAY - User selectable Form C relay output. A Solid State relay is flexible, silent and more reliable than an electromechanical relay.
  • METAL RAINTIGHT HOUSING - Rugged, weatherproof housing offers maximum protection against RFI and EMI interference.
  • WEATHER SHROUD - Metal hood that routes rain from sensor's face and also provides maximum protection from ice, snow, wind and sun loading.
Specifications Input Voltage: 8.5 to 20 VDC Current Consumption: 130 ma @ 12 VDC (LED's Off) RF Power Density: 120 uw/cm2 max. at the face of the unit. Operating Temperature: -30°F to 130°F
-34°C to 54°C Relay Contact Rating: 0.05A @ 130 VDC Housing Dimensions: 6 1/4"L x 5 1/4"W x 3 1/2"H Shroud Dimensions: 9 1/4"L x 6"W x 4 1/4"H Stereo Doppler Range: Stereo Doppler portion adjustable from 10% to full range. Sensor Range: Automatically maintained by Balanced Temperature Compensation Circuitry. Frequency: 10.525 GHz Note: Additional frequencies available to satisfy various international requirements. Protection Patterns:   SDI-76XL2 50' x 50' Wide (15m x 15m) (w/Lens A) SDI-77XL2 90' x 50' Wide (27m x 15m) (w/Lens A) SDI-77XL2-B 100' x 35' Medium (30m x 10.5m) (w/Lens B) SDI-77XL2-C 125' x 20' Narrow (38m x 6m) (w/Lens C) SDI-77XL2-D 100' x 10' (30m x 1m) Vertical Barrier Note: Alternate Fresnel Pet Alley Lens Modules are available offering maximum protection against small animals.