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RCA 25801 Router For 8-Line Corded Business Phone

RCA 25801 Router For 8-Line Corded Business Phone
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Router supports up to eight phone lines and 25 stations as a part of the RCA fully plug-and-play 8 Line x 25 Station Digital Business Phone System. Ideal for small to medium businesses that may use up to 25 extensions. Simply plug into a standard office Ethernet network and add up to 25 base stations (corded business phones) and add up to one cordless handset per base. Phones and handsets are sold separately. Router includes eight phone-line ports so no need for VoIP services. Router automatically configures each phone base station as it is added to the network.

Model: RCA25801

Also known as

  • Thomson 25801 Router Appliance
  • RCA GE ViSYS Digital Router for 8-Line Corded Business Phone System
  • Telefield N.A. RCA 8 Line Router RCA-25801
  • RCA Products RCA25801 Router- 8-Lines- Expandable- Plug And Play Setup- GPHT