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Rutherford Controls - TD365 - RCI TD365 Timer Module

Rutherford Controls - TD365 - RCI TD365 Timer Module
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The Rutherford TD365 is a fully programmable, 365 day/24 hour, multiple event timer. It is extremely versatile and may be used for a wide variety of applications. The timer can perform up to 99 daily/weekly independent events. Each of these events may be programmed to occur at any time, or day of the week. Daylight Savings time is no problem, simply select the Daylight Savings mode and automatic adjustment will occur.

The "First Person In" feature is designed to delay the automatic disarming of a security system until the first person with authorized access arrives at the protected premises. If nobody arrives, as in the event of holidays or severe weather conditions, the security system (burglar alarms, access controls, video cameras, etc.) will remain armed.

The TD365 Timer includes a variety of features to meet all of your demanding home/building automation requirements.

Also known as

  • Rutherford Controls - TD365 - Timer
  • Rutherford Controls U.S. TIMER - RU-TD365