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STI 6583 24-Volt Heater Kit

STI 6583 24-Volt Heater Kit
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STI 6583 24-Volt Heater Kit


The 24-volt system (STI 6583) is designed to get its power directly from a remote power supply (other than the fire panel) or CCTV power source, it is rated at 8 watts. The 12-volt system (see STI 6580) incorporates a 12-volt transformer and is rated at 25 watts.

STI Heater Kits operate in conjunction with enclosures such as the STI Stopper II and Universal Stopper to protect and help expensive electronic components remain operable in low temperature areas. Backed by a one year warranty from original date of purchase.

    Also known as

    • Safety Technology - STI-6583 - Heater Kit 24V, Temperature Controlled

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