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Simply Automated Simply Automated US28OTP-W

Simply Automated Simply Automated US28OTP-W
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The Model US28OTP Tabletop Pedestal Controller Base is designed around the popular SimplyBrilliant US2 Series, Deluxe Dimmer Controller that has 13 field configurable faceplate options, available in six standard colors (white, almond, light almond, ivory, brown and black). Choose any one of the thirteen faceplate options, snap it on the pedestal, then configure with UPStart software to enable remote ON/OFF and dimming control of any UPB devices in the home.

With no new wiring or use of radio frequency signals, home owners now have the ability to control their UPB lighting wherever a power outlet is available. Beautiful indoor or outdoor lighting scenes or just basic safety and security lighting can be realized using the Tabletop Controller to activate UPB wall switches, plug-in modules and wire-in fixture modules.

Each button of the Tabletop Controller can be linked to a specific UPB device or control a lighting scene, such as outdoor garden or decorative-seasonal lighting. Label the buttons with the ZLK-01 label kit.

Manual scene-link modification capabilities are unique to Simply Automated devices. A user can easily change existing scenes, adding or removing devices and adjusting light levels, by pressing rockers/buttons in a specific sequence without using UPStart.

Also known as

  • Simply Automated - US28OTP-W - Desktop Contrllr, 8btn, Whte