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Simply Automated UPB Controller Scheduler Timer

Simply Automated UPB Controller Scheduler Timer
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Simply Automated UPB Controller Scheduler Timer


Simply Automated's UPB Controller Scheduler-Timer (model UCS) allows you to control all UPB devices and scenes based on events or a set schedule. It is simple to operate and flexible, and is often used in place of more complex whole home automation schedulers because it is easier for most homeowners to program and adjust. Once the Scheduler-Timer has been setup, you can rely on timely lighting without worry. The Scheduler Timer automatically adjusts according to the nationally synchronized power grid, so it knows when daylight savings and leap years occur and even when the sun rises and sets for your location. Easy-to-navigate menus allow configuration without the use of a computer or UPStart software. However, the UCS can also serve as a computer interface module (CIM), allowing a PC with UPStart to connect to a UPB network. Tools Menu: Works like a pocket programmer. Add devices to a network. Change receive links. Monitor signal/noise levels logs noise, and more. Up to 99 events can be configured after initial setup, which includes setting the time, location (using zip code or latitude/longitude) and Network ID#. Each of the 99 available events can control a device or a scene based on time, sunrise (dawn), sunset (dusk) or a combination of a time from sunrise or sunset. The UCS communicates with a UPB automation network when plugged into a standard power receptacle (an L-shaped power connector or the 6-foot power cord are included). In the event of a power loss, the programs are stored in non-volatile memory and will not be lost; and time will be maintained with power off for approximately one week.

    Also known as

    • Simply Automated SAUFD30 UPB Dimmer Fixture Module 300W

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