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Simply Automated UPB Input/Output Module

Simply Automated UPB Input/Output Module
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Module sends UPB commands upon low-voltage triggers. You don't need to press a button or flip a switch in order to enjoy home automation. By installing the UPB Input-Output Module, you'll be able to control such low-power electrical devices as door strikes, drapery controls, garage door openers, or sprinkler valves when low-voltage events are detected, including at the ringing of a telephone or doorbell or when door or window alarm switches are triggered. The UPB Input-Output Module has three inputs and two outputs, so a single module can control several variations. The UPB Input-Output Module's outputs deliver on/off control for low-voltage devices. Installation is simple: The module is plugged into a standard 120VAC outlet, and the devices to be monitored and controlled are wired into a terminal block on the bottom of the module. Connected devices can also be operated manually using a UPB Wall Controller or automatically via PC through the aid of a UPB RS232 PC Interface Module (both not included). The UPB Input-Output Module uses Universal Powerline Bus technology for superior performance and reliability. Similar to the standard X10 protocol, Universal Powerline Bus technology uses your existing power wires, so no rewiring is necessary in order to use this module. But UPB benefits include its higher reliability, since its signal strength is greater than X10, with increased electrical noise resistance. The UPB Input-Output Module plugs into your wall, but you won't lose an outlet: The connections to be controlled install in the bottom of the module, but a pass-through outlet is included as well, for a non-controlled appliance. The appliance can even be integrated into scenes. The UPB Input-Output Module is designed for indoor use with devices that plug into a power outlet. Please note: UPB products are not X10 compatible.

Also known as

  • Simply Automated SAUML20W UPB Heavy Duty Lamp Module 400W
  • UPB Input/Output Module (UMI-32-W)