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STI Rex Plus ED-50 Security Alarm

STI Rex Plus ED-50 Security Alarm
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STI Rex Plus ED-50 Security Alarm


In addition to the sound of a ferocious attack dog, Rex Plus offers the sounds of the rainforest. Choose the sound that suits you best: the continual sounds of the rainforest, or the option that allows you to use the rainforest sounds as an annunciator; the angry barking dog (for 15-20 seconds) followed by the sound of a siren or the angry barking dog that gets louder and more frequent as the intruder gets closer. Rex Plus is versatile and provides an excellent way to deter burglars, without the annoying problems of owning a real dog. With his electronic radar eyes, Rex Plus can "see" through thick doors, walls and glass. Once his cord is plugged into any standard 110 VAC electrical outlet, he'll stay on duty around the clock.

Also known as

  • Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog (ED-50)


Weight  4
Product Type  Security Alarm / Security Alarm
Height  7.3" / 7.3"
Width  6" / 6"
Depth  5" / 5"
Alarm Type  Audible / Audible
Product Line  Rex Plus / Rex Plus
Weight (Approximate)  2.20 lb / 2.20 lb

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