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STI 1200A-HTR Stopper II Heated Enclosure with 4" Deep Back Box

STI 1200A-HTR Stopper II Heated Enclosure with 4
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Protect your pull stations and similar devices located where temperature or environmental conditions exceed the suggested operating range with our protective cover fitted with a heater assembly.

The STI 1200A-HTR consists of a patented, clear, tamperproof, tough polycarbonate cover, housing for an instructional operation label, gasket, conduit hub, fan, silicone laminate heater and four inch deep back box. The standard STI1200A-HTR accommodates most manual pull stations and is marked with an "IN CASE OF FIRE" message, but can be custom labeled and used to protect many other devices. The thermostatically controlled 110 VAC heater and continuous duty fan maintain a uniform temperature inside the enclosure when temperatures drop. Applications include, but are not limited to, refrigerators, freezers, meat packaging plants, arctic environments, ocean rigs, slaughter houses, etc. This enclosure is designed to protect UL Listed 38 and 2017 initiating devices at temperatures down to -70 degreesF (-57 degreesC).