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Gentex AVSM-W Synchronization Control Module (White)

Gentex AVSM-W Synchronization Control Module (White)
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The Gentex 9041243 AVSMW Synchronization Control Module - White is designed to make it easier to synchronize multiple horns, strobes, and horns/strobes using two wires when the synchronized flash is needed. This control module gives users the option of muting the horn while the strobe still flashes. The synchronization control module works with all current manufactured Gentex signals, it synchronizes horn and strobes together with only two wires, and supports an unlimited number of synchronized horns and strobes. A green LED light indicates when the module is functioning properly. The synchronization control module comes with a three year warranty from the date of purchase, and is rated for 3 amps continuous current, or 5 amps surge current.