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System Sensor SENSRDR i3 Series Sensitivity Reader

System Sensor SENSRDR i3 Series Sensitivity Reader
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System Sensor SENSRDR i3 Series Sensitivity Reader


System Sensors i3 series sensitivity reader displays sensitivity and status indication readings of all i3 series detectors and other compatible System Sensor smoke detectors.

Sensitivity readers, voltmeters and multimeters are designed to assure smoke detectors are working within their listed and marked sensitivity ranges. With the System Sensor i3 series sensitivity reader (SENS-RDR), an LCD screen displays a detectors exact sensitivity by percent-per-foot obscuration. Therefore, unlike many sensitivity readers, voltmeters and multimeters that display only the voltage rating, the step of cross-referencing a voltage reading to a sensitivity range is eliminated with the SENS-RDR. Beyond displaying the sensitivity reading, the LCD screen indicates the status of the detector in alphanumeric text as GOOD, SERVICE or REPLACE.

Testing a detectors sensitivity is a simple and quick task. The SENS-RDR connects to hand-held devices and threaded extension poles for those detectors installed out of reach, eliminating the need for a ladder. Within 10 seconds, the dual LED and sounder will alert the installer that the reading has been taken. With dual indicators, the installer wont have to rely on a single LED in areas with visibility issues or a single sounder in areas with audibility issues.

The SENS-RDR operates with two AA alkaline batteries. To ensure these batteries are operable, the SENS-RDR has a low battery indicator. And, to maximize battery life, the SENS-RDR automatically shuts off after 30 minutes.

    Also known as

    • System Sensor By Honeywell-Us I3 SENSITIVITY READER - BK-SENSRDR

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