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System Sensor OSYEXP Explosion Proof Supervisory Switch

System Sensor OSYEXP Explosion Proof Supervisory Switch
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System Sensor™s OSYEXP explosion proof supervisory switches are designed for hazardous locations and to handle extreme conditions.

The OSYEXP is intended for use with outside screw and yoke type valves. The OSYEXP switches are contained in a compact and rugged NEMA 1, 7 and 9 rated enclosure.  The enclosure operates across a wide temperature range, from –40°F to 160°F.
The OSYEXP covers are secured with four captured screws to prevent screw misplacement while the cover is removed.  A single tapped conduit entrance and ample wiring space provide quick and easy electrical connection.

These units are ideal for installation in hazardous locations classified as follows:

Class I, Groups C, D, Division 1 and 2
Class II, Groups E, F, G, Division 1 and 2