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System Sensor SPCRV Speaker, Red, Ceiling Mount, High dB Speaker

System Sensor SPCRV Speaker, Red, Ceiling Mount, High dB Speaker
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System Sensor SPCRV Speaker, Red, Ceiling Mount, High dB Speaker


System Sensor's SPCRV is a SpectrAlert Advanced Red Ceiling High Decibel Speaker for use in fire alarm systems for alarm alerts, featuring high decibels for louder alerts.

The new SpectrAlert Advance selectable output speaker strobes and dual evacuation speakers can reduce ground faults and allow faster installation.

The SpectrAlert Advance Series of speakers and speaker strobes is designed to reduce ground faults. The plug-in design allows the installer to pre-wire mounting plates and dress the wires before plugging in the speakers. The plastic cover  prevents nicked wires by covering exposed speaker components.

This design also allows faster installations with instant feedback to ensure that wiring is properly connected, rotary switches to select voltage and power settings, and 11 field selectable candela settings for wall and ceiling speaker strobes.

The low total harmonic distortion of the SP speaker offers high fidelity sound output while the SPV speaker offers high volume sound output for use in high ambient noise applications.

SpectrAlert Advance makes installation easy.

Attach a universal mounting plate to a 4×4×21/8 inch back box.

Flush mount applications are achievable without the need for an extension ring.

Connect the notification appliance circuit or speaker wiring to the terminals on the mounting plate

Attach the speaker or speaker strobe to the mounting plate by inserting the product tabs into the mounting plate grooves. Rotate the device into position to lock the product pins into the mounting plate terminals. The device will temporarily hold in place with a catch until it is secured with a captured mounting screw.

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