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System Sensor WFD80EXP Explosion Proof Waterflow Detector, 8" Pipe Size

System Sensor WFD80EXP Explosion Proof Waterflow Detector, 8
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The WFD80EXP is an explosion-proof waterflow detector for use with 8" pipe. The WFDEXP series consists of a rugged, NEMA 4-rated cast aluminum housing. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the WFDEXP series operates across a wide temperature range, from 32F to 160F. Inside, two sets of SPDT (Form C) synchronized switches are enclosed in a rugged terminal block to assure reliable performance.

The WFDEXP series offers unique features that assure greater operational reliability. By housing the spring mechanism separately from the explosion environment, the sensitivity of the adjustment spring and the detector is protected at all times. Adding to WFDEXPs reliability is its sealed retard mechanism, which prevents contamination by dust and dirt when the cover is removed.

Like all System Sensor waterflow detectors, the WFDEXP series is designed for easy installation. With its visible switch activation, the WFDEXPs retard timing can be verified, even during noisy conditions.