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Takex BT300 BT-300 Photo Electric Beam Enclosure

Takex BT300 BT-300 Photo Electric Beam Enclosure
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The BT Dual Sided Beam Tower is a robust and discreet enclosure, resistant to vandal acts. This special design allows a 360º protection range, giving the beams the possibility to be mounted back to back at any height within the tower.

The BT Series has been designed to allow the use of any TAKEX twin or quad based photoelectric beam. (The BT-WM Wall Mount Series is also available as a single sided tower that mounts directly to a flat surface).

The BT Series Dual Sided towers provide single or multiple beam options withexternal ranges of up to 200 meters (660ft). The photoelectric beams can be fixed at any height thanks to the adjustable fixings included in each tower. To enhance mounting options and obtain 360º protection, beams can be mounted back to back at any height.

The 100, 150, 200 and 300cm (3' 3.4”; 4' 11”; 6' 6.7” and 9' 10”) can be adjusted to most situations required by our customers. However, in particular situations, special sizes can be manufactured. The towers can either be mounted directly onto the floor or using the optional floor bracket (BT-FB) designed to be set into concrete, or for wall mounting there is the optional wall-mounted bracket BT-WB.

Each column is delivered with detailed documentation and instructions, making installation easy and less time consuming. The tops are supplied with a tamper switch as standard. There is an optional pressure sensing (anti climb) top available (BT-PS). In order to obtain optimal performance in external environments with low temperature conditions and condensation risk, the tower should be fitted with at least one heater.

A mounting kit including expandable bolts is included with every BT tower: Stainless screws, nylock nuts, sealing strips, expanding bolts, etc.