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Takex LT1 Tower Enclosure

Takex LT1 Tower Enclosure
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Takex's LT-1 Garden Lamp Tower is a simple and discreet enclosure, suitable to be installed in any garden or similar environment. It accomodates the TAKEX TE and TK series twin photoelectric beams.The unobtrusive design of the LT-1 means that it blends into thesurroundings naturally. The provision of a functional light adds illumination during nightime hours.

The aesthetic and discreet integration in any garden makes this security solution neither evident nor conspicuous to possible intruders. The provision of light and its deterrence factor is another obvious benefit. LT-1's external structure is made of a special polycarbonate based on three objectives: to allow the infrared beams to pass through easily, to protect these beams against solar and ultraviolet radiation and to have a strong product able to resist acts of vandalism. The overall appearance is a Black Garden Lantern that disguises the placement of the photoelectric beams.

LT-1's internal structure consists of an extruded aluminum profile, giving total flexibility in the positioning of the Twin infrared beams as well as other accessories such as the thermostat, heaters, etc. LT-1 is a product that solves a number of aesthetic problems installers encounter when they offer a perimeter protection system.

The structure comfortably enables the installation of up to 3 TAKEX Twin beam units, in any Tx and Rx combination. The tops are supplied with a tamper switch as standard to prevent any sabotage. In order to obtain optimal performance in external environments with low temperature conditions and condensation risk, the tower should be fitted with at least one heater A mounting kit including expandable bolts is included with lamp: Stainless screws, nylock nuts, expanding bolts, ceramic bulb holder, etc.