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Takex PA-5325

Takex PA-5325
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  • Quad elements coupled with new signal processing (discriminating temperature differential information and object size information) provide high "catchability."
  • Twin-element optical unit and signal-processing circuitry provide high-density protection areas.
  • Unit can be adjusted from quad elements sensing to twin element sensing, resulting in double the number of sensetive zones.
  • Includes checking test of alarm contact whenever an alarm is initiated.
  • Includes built-in alarm memory(indicates which sensor was activated) and trouble alarm to signal unit trouble or low voltage

  • 82' Long-range vertical curtain
  • Wall or Ceiling mount,
  • Separate base and sensor head.
  • Adjustable mirror
  • Optic QUAD with aiming LED.
  • Pulse count & sensitivity adjustment with Slight Motion detection.
  • N/O or N/C selectable output.
  • Alarm contact check feature with trouble output
  • Tamper circuit
  • LED on/off.
  • Alarm memory,
  • 9.5V to 30VDC