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Takex PA-7030

Takex PA-7030
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The PA-7000 Series "Digital-Quad" passive infrared sensors are the newest line of quad elements PIRs. Each unit contains two dual-element sensors which are linked by a digital central rocesing unit. This results in calculation of a true motion signal in order to initiate an alarm. It can detect a human-like pattern definition and reject other potential false alarm causes.

Sensetivity of the unit is automatically adjusted relative to the environmental temperature. In addition, the unit contains special circuitry to indicate that it had activated an alarm during its armed period.

  • 100™ x 6™ Long RangeDigital Quad,
  • Mirror Optic,
  • On-board pattern locator,
  • Automatic temperature compensation,
  • Form “C” output,
  • Tamper Circuit,
  • Alarm Memory,
  • 9 to 18 VDC,
  • UL Listed
  • Remote control LED
  • EMI Immunity