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Takex America (Pulnix) PB-40TE 132'/264' Double Module 4-Channel Twin Beam, NO/NC, 10-30 VDC

Takex America (Pulnix) PB-40TE  132'/264' Double Module 4-Channel Twin Beam, NO/NC, 10-30 VDC
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Takex America (Pulnix) PB-40TE  132'/264' Double Module 4-Channel Twin Beam, NO/NC, 10-30 VDC


The Takex Intelligent "Twin" Photoelectric Beam is designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability for photoelectric beam intrusion detection. Unique twin beams are synchronized to work together to reinforce the unit's range and stability in severe weather conditions.

The "intelligence" comes from having 4 different selectable frequencies which allow the stacking of beams to create a "wall of light". The system has a rotary optical system for easy installation and proper alignment.

  • Synchronized twin beams reduce false alarms caused by flying birds and falling leaves.
  • Trouble-free operation in 50,000 lux illumination is assured by a specially designed filter that effectively cuts visible rays. The result is excellent tolerance against sunlight, headlights, fluorescent or or mercury light.
  • Easy beam alignment with the aid of a special view finder.
  • Rotary Optical System - the optical system of both the transmitter and the receiver can be rotated a full 180 deg. to allow for side aiming.
  • A sealed optical system prevents intrusion and interfernce by insects.
  • Wide adjustment (hor. +/- 90 deg. ver. +/- 10 deg.)
  • A special hood attached on the sensor cover offers protection against frost and dew so that the beam contines without interruption.

  • Detection System Twin Active Infrared Beam
  • Wavelength 940nm
  • Modulation Double Modulation
  • Protection Distance Outdoors 40m (132ft.)
  • Protection Distance Indoors 80m (264ft.)
  • Signal Arrival Distance 400m (1350ft.)
  • Response Time 50-700msec.Adjustable
  • Frequency Selection: 4 Channels
  • Alarm Output Dry Relay Contact
  • Form C, N/O - C - N/C
  • Reset: Approx. 1sec.
  • Tamper Output Micro-switch Dry Contact
  • Contact Rating2 30V (AC/DC) 0.5A Max.
  • Alarm Led Red On at Alarm
  • Sensitivity Attenuation Led Red On when beam reception is attenuated
  • Alarm Memory Led Red Not Applicable
  • Lens Adjustment Vertical: 10° / Horizontal: 90°
  • Supply Power 10 to 30VDC ( non polarity)
  • Current Consumption 55mA
  • Ambient Temperature -13F° to +140°F (-25°C to +60°C)
  • Installation Wall or Post mounting
  • Wiring Terminals
  • Accessories Refer Accessory Listing
  • Weight Transmitter:13.3oz (380g)
  • Receiver:14.0oz (400g)
  • External Appearance PC resin (wine red)

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