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Takex PB50F Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Takex PB50F Photoelectric Beam Sensor
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Takex's PB Series Sensors feature double modulation frequency and phased-locked loop system which result in high-power beams that have 10x the maximum arrival distance and 100x maximum sensetivity. Simultaneous breaking of 4 beams is required to initiate an alarm, thus eliminating the most common causes of false alarms - small animals, falling leaves.

  • Anti-external light circuit provides tolerance for sunlight, mercury or fluorescent light.
  • Excellent tolerance for bad weather.
  • Confirm visual and audible beam alignment with Sound Check Function
  • Attentuation LED lights up when beam attenuates under a certain level.
  • AGC Circuit automatically maintains proper sensitivity depending on environmental conditions.
  • Special noise eliminator provides excellent RFI.
  • Special hood protects sensor against inclement weather

  • Detection System Quad, Active Infrared Beam
  • Wavelength 940nm
  • Modulation Double Pulse Modulation
  • Protection Distance Outdoors 50m (165ft)
  • Protection Distance Indoors 100m (330ft)
  • Signal Arrival Distance 500m (1650)
  • Response Time 50-700msec.