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Talk A Phone ETP-400D Emergency / Information Phone

Talk A Phone ETP-400D Emergency / Information Phone
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Talk A Phone ETP-400D Emergency / Information Phone


ETP-400D Description

The ETP-400D is an outdoor-rated, ADA-compliant, hands-free 2-Button Emergency/Information Phone for use in locations such as: parking facilities, college campuses, controlled access gates, medical centers and industrial parks.

ETP-400D Emergency / Information Phone Features

  • Two buttons for both Emergency and Information calls
  • Vandal-resistant stainless steel faceplate & metal button
  • Uses regular phone lines or PBX
  • Phone line-powered: no power supply or battery back-up required
  • Push button once to call, then speak hands-free
  • Options available that offer the ability to automatically identify attendant of location of calling phone by recorded message and digital display
  • LED indicator for hearing impaired
  • Cast metal raised letter and Braille signage for ADA compliance
  • Built-in autodialer can call two numbers for each button. If first number doesn't answer or is busy, dials second number
  • Auto-answer allows security to monitor and initiate calls with Emergency Phone
  • Auxiliary input and outputs programmable for each button to integrate with CCTV, Blue Light/Strobe, Scream Alert and other devices
  • Circuit boards are conformally coated for water protection


  • Power Source: Phone line powered (requires 20mA at 24V off-hook)
  • Construction: 12 gauge #4 brushed stainless steel face plate
  • Programming: Non-volatile EEPROM programming can be done from any telephone. No battery back-up is needed
  • "On Time": Programmable from 1-4270 minutes in 1 minute increments
  • Wiring Requirements: 1 twisted-shielded pair (gauge depends on distance)
  • Phone Line: Requires POTS line, analog PBX extention, or connection to one of our consolidators. For consolidator information, see Talk-A-Phone models EC-2 or EC-8.
  • Dimensions: Front panel: 9-1/2" W x 11-3/4" H
  • Wall opening: 6-5/8" W x 9-3/4" H x 2-1/2" D
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Mounting: Flush mounts (surface mount options available)
  • Communication: 2-way hands-free communication
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to +149 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to +65 degrees Celsius)
  • Digit Capacity: Up to 18 digits, including pauses, for each of two phone numbers
  • Dialing Speed: Approximately 10 tones per second
  • Connection: Parallel tip and ring connected to RJ-11 connector for quick installation
  • Circuit Protection: Varistor lightening suppressed and full wave polarity guarded
  • Compliance: CSA Certified to UL Standard 60950

    Options and Accessories

  • Voice Location Identifier: Model ETP-400DV includes th capability to record a message identifying the location of the call. Message is recorded and duration set during programming.
  • Faceplate Camera: Add "OP3" to model number to add a color pinhole camera mounted discreetly behind the faceplate. Add "OP3BW" for a b/w camera.
  • "TO CALL" Casting: On Model ETP-400DC the top button reads TO CALL instead of EMERGENCY
  • 8-Line Consolidator: Model EC-8 allows connection of up to 8 phones on one phone line while retaining ability to call each phone individually. Can also create a closed system without need for any phone lines

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