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Triplett CamView W35v Security Camera Wrist Monitor with 12 Volt Output

Triplett CamView W35v Security Camera Wrist Monitor with 12 Volt Output
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The Triplett CamView W35v is a portable battery operated video monitor designed to aid CCTV and Security electronics installers and mainte - nance technicians. It's high contrast 3.5" LCD screen provides a large image that is especially useful for adjusting camera setup, focus, and positioning, as well as viewing the video signal from DVR's, DVD's, VCR's, or other video equipment. It is provided with an adjustable band for use as a wrist monitor, and it also includes a built-in stand for desktop operation. A 12VDC (350mA) output is provided to power a typical video camera, allowing complete camera setup before the rest of the installation has been completed. BNC video input and output jacks allow video to be 'Looped Thru' the CamView for local as well as remote display. Audio is supported with a built in speaker and audio input and output connections. The rugged yet lightweight construction and ergonomic design maximizes convenience and portability, and the 6 hour NiMH rechargeable battery delivers extended runtime. All video settings (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness) are adjustable via an On Screen Menu. The Triplett CamView W35v is an ecient time saving test tool that will enhance any professional tool kit.

Also known as

  • Triplett - 8055 - 3 1/2 Vdo Wrst Montr W/12volt