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UltraTECH Ultratech Genuine UT1270 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Alarm Battery UT-1270

UltraTECH Ultratech Genuine UT1270 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Alarm Battery UT-1270
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This is the #1 brand for Alarm Batteries nationwide. The UltraTech Power Products UT 1270 is a 12V 7 AMP Sealed Lead Acid Battery with F1 (.187") Terminals.

Is the LOW BATTERY Indicator flashing on your Alarm Panel-

Why pay $75 + to have your serviceman come change the battery when you can do it yourself at a fraction of the cost-

This 12V 7 Ah battery is one of the most common types of batteries used in alarm panels today. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to confirm that you are purchasing the correct model.

Not sure you can change the battery on your own- NO Problem -You can call us during business hours and one of our technicians can walk you through the very simple process.

UltraTech Power products is a reputable global manufacturer of sealed lead acid batteries. While there may be a generic option available for a few dollars less, when your security is on the line, we recommend going with the BEST!

A Few Reasons to go with the best:
- 2-year manufacturer's warranty
- Superior Quality
- Rechargeable and Non-Spillable

WE GUARANTEE that you will not be sent a battery that has been sitting on the shelf discharging. We maintain a constantly moving stock on this item and we only ship batteries with a recent date of manufacture stamp.

Questions- Feel free to call us at 516-812-0917

Please Note: Rechargeable, as applied to the above product, refers to the fact the alarm panel constantly trickle charges the battery. Thus in the event of power loss, the battery is fully charged. Once the battery reaches the end of its lifespan, it no longer holds a charge and must be replaced. (The lifespan of this battery is generally 3-5 years but may be shortened by several factors such as total drainage from long-term power loss, high temperatures, etc)

This JMAC Supply product page lists the UltraTech UT1270 Alarm Battery, a 12 Volt 7Ah SLA battery commonly found in commercial alarm systems and other security and lighting applications. If you are looking for the UltraTech UT1240, 12V 4.5Ah Alarm Battery, please GO TO: Ultratech UT1240.

Also known as

  • Ultratech Genuine UT1270 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Alarm Battery UT-1270