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Videocomm DT-900DB9

Videocomm DT-900DB9
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The 900MHz DT-900 digital spread spectrum data radios transmit license free, full-duplex, wireless PTZ controls and other data sources up to 12 miles where trenching cable may not be possible, convenient or economical. Designed to have the greatest compatibility with all major pan-tilt-zoom camera manufacturers, the DT-900 configuration software allows the user to easily configure the system to minimize installation time and maximize results for the most demanding applications needs


  • All-Weather and ready to mount.
  • License Free Range up to 12 Miles.
  • Includes CD-ROM Programming Software.
  • Compatible with most PTZ Camera Systems and other data sources.
  • RS-422, RS-485, or RS-232 Compatible.
  • Excellent penetration properties through walls.
  • Convenient Signal Strength Indicator.
  • Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point capabilities.
  • Single or many multiples of PTZ cameras and / or data sources.
  • Data applications include sensors, gauges or alarm systems, gates, parking lots, highways, warehouses, refineries, power stations, robotics, crane and remote equipment control or any other commercial or industrial scenarios.
  • Includes Programming Software & "pole style" mounting brackets.
  • One year limited warranty.