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Videolarm O124TL - 12"? diameter indoor fire-rated housing with fixed camera

Videolarm O124TL - 12
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Videolarm O124TL - 12



The 0124 is an indoor discreet 12” dome housing designed to replace a 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile. The top of the housing, constructed from fire-rated ABS plastic, is completely enclosed. Servicing is done by detaching the lower dome, which is secured by a safety wire attached to the upper body. The unit accepts one or two standard body cameras which can be easily accessed through the removable dome.


• Comes complete with liner for total discreet viewing
• Accepts one or two standard body cameras
• Lightweight fire retardant plastic body
• Clear or distortion free tinted dome available (1 F-stop light reduction)
• Works well with both color and black and white cameras
• Can be serviced from below ceiling
• Also available as a Q-View model with up to four cameras


The O124CL housing shall come complete with a fire retardant plastic top, one fixed camera bracket, black opaque liner and 12” clear or tinted lower dome. The plastic top shall be supported by a galvanized bracket, which shall contain a cable strain relief and receptacles for a maximum of two fixed cameras. The lower dome shall also house an inner liner for total discreet viewing. A safety wire shall be used to secure the lower dome to the upper body when servicing the internal components.

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