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Viking Electronics VK-DLE-300 Advanced Line Simulator

Viking Electronics VK-DLE-300 Advanced Line Simulator
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The DLE-300 Advance Line Simulator provides sales people, technicians, engineers, etc., with a cost effective and easy to use method of conducting on-site demonstrations, programming or diagnostics without the need to locate phone lines or disrupt customer phone service. The Line Simulator provides two-way communication between standard analog telecom products, such as modems, fax machines, Key Systems, PABX's, as well as standard telephones. The DLE-300 produces standard or distinctive AC ringing, DC talk battery, caller ID data, precise dial tone, ring back, fast and slow busy, SIT, re-order tone, and provides CPC on disconnect.

Also known as

  • Viking Electronics Advanced Line Simulator
  • Viking Dle-300 Advanced Line Simulator (dle300)
  • Viking Phone Accessories Advanced Line Simulator VK-DLE-300
  • Viking Electronics Advance Line Simulator for Communication, High Speed Data, Ca
  • Supports all high speed data Produces Name or Name and Number Caller ID data
  • Audio input/output for recording voice prompts
  • 40 V DC talk battery
  • Precise call progress tones (dial tone, ring back, fast and slow busy, SIT and re-order tones
  • Standard and distinctive 20 Hz AC ringing
  • Provides CPC breaks after disconnect
  • Touch Tone detection
  • Ringdown mode (no Touch Tones required)
  • 911 trainer mode for classroom training
  • Point-to-point communications between phones fax machines and high-speed modems without dedicated telephone lines.
  • Programming and recording voice products such as voice mail systems etc.
  • Intersystem TIE lines.
  • Courtesy and/or emergency phones.
  • Demonstrating telecom equipment at trade shows meetings etc.
  • Diagnosing phone line dependant equipment with precise phone characteristics.
  • 911 trainer for schools and businesses.
  • Replacement for Proctor Model #46220 49250 and 49300.
  • Maximum loop: 4.2 Km (14,000 ft.) - 24 AWG twisted pair
  • Ringer output: 6.0 REN
  • Power: 120 Volt AC/13.5 Volt AC 1.25 Amp UL listed adapter