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Viking Electronics VK-DVA-500-A Digital Voice Announcer

Viking Electronics VK-DVA-500-A Digital Voice Announcer
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The Viking DVA-500A is a professional and cost-effective digital voice announcer specifically designed for ACD/UCD, hotel-motel wake up, auto attendant, intercept, night message, information provider applications and other PABx, Centrex and C.O. announcement functions. The DVA-500A will increase call handling capacity by answering on demand or during the first ring and automatically adjusting the announce cycle to the message length. It will then disconnect on CPC and provide instant "rewind" for the next caller. The DVA-500A is factory installed with 1 minute of non-volatile record time.

Also known as

  • Viking Electronics Digital Voice Announcer
  • Digital Voice Announcer
  • Viking Portable Accessories Digital Voice Announcer VK-DVA-500-A
  • Viking Electronics DVA-500-A Digital Voice Announcer
  • 1 minute of record time
  • Record and review announcements locally or remotely or download prerecorded announcements from a tape player
  • Selectable ring delay
  • Detects CPC signal and disconnects
  • Callers may be transferred after the announcement
  • Messages stored in non-volatile memory (no batteries required)
  • Recording volume LED indicator for consistently high-quality recordings
  • Recognizes handshake signals from virtually any PABX, Centrex or C.O. line
  • Sampling rate: 64 K (equivalent)