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Viking Emergency Speakerphone with Call

Viking Emergency Speakerphone with Call
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The Viking E-10A is a telephone line powered entry phone designed to provide two-way handsfree communication. It function identically, when the "Call" button is pressed, the E-10A will come off-hook and will remain off-hook until a CPC signal is detected, the programmed timeout has elapsed, a busy signal is detected, or the call goes silent, making the unit automatically disconnect.The E-10A can be connected directly to a C.O. line or analog PABx/KSU station when programmed as a ringdown circuit. One to four E-10A speaker phone can share an existing phone line in a house or small business when used with a Viking C- 200, C-250 or C-2000B Entry Phone Controller.

Also known as

  • Viking Electronics VK-E-10 Viking Electronics Emergency Speakerphone With Call B
  • Viking Electronics Emergency Speakerphone w/ Call
  • Viking Intercoms Emergency Speakerphone with Call VK-E-10A
  • Viking Electronics E-10A Handsfree 2-Way Entry Speaker Phone, Vandal-Resistant
  • Viking E-10A Emergency Speakerphone with Call
  • Alternate action call button to place or cancel a call
  • Intelligent call progress detection for automatic hangup on CPC, silence, busy signal, or time out
  • Telephone line powered
  • IP66 Ingress Protection Rating
  • Adjustable microphone and speaker volume
  • Programmable maximum call length
  • Selectable auto-answer feature allows remote monitoring
  • Two way handsfree communication
  • Programmable VOX (mic/speaker) switching speed
  • Door or gate communication, business delivery entrances.
  • Use with a Viking C-200 or C-250 to control an E-10A or E-20B on a single line.
  • Use with a Viking C-2000B to control 1 to 4 E-10A/E-20B's and door/gate control on a single phone line.
  • Provide unique front and back door chimes and paging when used with a Viking SLP-1, SLP-4 and C-2000B.
  • Residential, commercial and industrial door security.
  • Use with a Viking K-1900-5 or K-1900-30 for automatic speed dialing on telephone lines or analog PABX/KSU station ports.
  • Use on any analog PABX station port with programmable ringdown capability.
  • Features
  • Vandal resistant, black powder painted, aluminum face plate with heavy duty 316 stainless steel call button and mounting gasket.
  • Flush mountable using included plastic rough-in box part # 259576.
  • Surface mount with optional VE-5x5 (DOD# 424).
  • Specifications.
  • Dimensions: Overall: 127mm x 127mm x 57.2mm (5 x 5 x 2.25 )
  • Can be programmed to repeat one 2 minute message, two 1 minute messages, four 30 second messages or five 24 second messages
  • Speaker volume: approximately 70dB maximum at 1 meter
  • CPC disconnect time: 300 ms minimum
  • Ring voltage: 25 Volt AC RMS minimum