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Viking Electronics VK-K-2000-DVA Multi-input Voice Dialer/Annou

Viking Electronics VK-K-2000-DVA Multi-input Voice Dialer/Annou
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The Viking K-2000-DVA is a fully programmable multi-input, multinumber auto dialer and digital announcer, designed for emergency and non-emergency message notification. The K-2000-DVA has eight dry contact inputs, each of which can dial up to eight 32-digit phone numbers and play a message up to 1 minute in length specific to that input. Messages can be recorded locally or remotely with a total message time for all 8 inputs of eight minutes. When configured as an alarm dialer, the K-2000-DVA has call progress detection capability with normal and fast busy, call pickup, CPC and ring-no-answer detection. The K-2000-DVA can also be set up as a store caster (no dialing), for on-site promotional or assistance announcements. Programming can be done with a Touch Tone phone or using a PC with a serial port connection.

Also known as

  • Multi-input Voice Dialer/Annou
  • Viking Phone Accessories Multi-input Voice Dialer and Announcer VK-K-2000-DVA
  • Viking Electronics K-2000-DVA Multi-Input Voice Dialer/Announcer
  • Non-volatile memory (no batteries required)
  • Stores up to eight 32-digit numbers (sixty four 32-digit numbers total)
  • 8 minutes of record time (1 minute per input)
  • Programmable message repeat counter
  • Programmable lap counter
  • Eight inputs programmable as normally open or normally closed and enabled or disabled
  • Programmable ring delay for remote programming and alarm polling
  • Programmable qualifier timer for each input (time for an event to be qualified as an alarm)
  • Programmable resume timer for each input (time following reset for input to become active again)
  • Call progress detection
  • Programmable ringback limit for call progress
  • Remote security and access codes
  • Store caster mode
  • Local or remote programming and recording
  • RS-232 port for programming via a PC
  • Compatible with the RC-2A and RC-3 remote DTMF controllers
  • Sampling Rate: 64 K
  • CPC detection time: 320 ms minimum
  • Input detection time: 80 ms with qualifier timer set to 0
  • Touch tone dialing: 120 ms on/off, 50 ms on/off