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Viking Electronics VK-LSD-2 Viking Line Seizure Device

Viking Electronics VK-LSD-2 Viking Line Seizure Device
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Why pay for a dedicated line for your elevator/emergency phone or alarm panel-

The LSD2 Line Sharing Device allows the user to share an existing phone line with an emergency phone or other priority alarm device. This can save hundreds of dollars a year over leasing a dedicated phone line. The LSD2 can be used on any C.O. line or analog PABX/KSU station.

An outbound call on the DEVICE 2 (PRIORITY) port takes priority over a call in progress on the DEVICE 1 port. Any call in progress on the DEVICE 1 port will be disconnected for 2 seconds, returning dial tone to the DEVICE 2 (PRIORITY) port. A busy signal is then sent to the DEVICE 1 port.

For incoming calls, the LSD2 can route calls to the DEVICE 2 (PRIORITY) port using Caller ID, Distinctive Ring, or Quick Call Back. All other calls will be routed to the DEVICE 1. Alternatively, the LSD- 2 can be set up so that all inbound calls are routed to the DEVICE 2 (PRIORITY) port.

Note: Caller ID is not passed through the LSD2 to the devices.

Also known as

  • Viking Electronics Viking Line Seizure Device
  • Viking Audio Equipment Line Seizure Device VK-LSD-2
  • Viking Electronics LSD-2 Line Sharing Device with Inbound Switching Capability
  • Routes both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Allows an Emergency device to share a phone line with other devices (fax machines, phones, modems)
  • Gives priority to the Emergency devices
  • Incoming calls routed to one of two ports by Caller ID, Distinctive Ring or Quick Call Back
  • Status LED displays mode of operation
  • Can store up to 12 Caller ID numbers
  • Provides a busy signal to the phone port when an Emergency device is in use
  • Viking line sharing device with inbound switching capability
  • One year manufacturer's warranty VKKLSD2
  • Connections: 6 screw terminals
  • 1 year warranty