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Viking Electronics PA-30 Viking 30 Watt Telecom Pagin A

Viking Electronics PA-30 Viking 30 Watt Telecom Pagin A
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The PA30 can directly drive up to thirty (30) 8 ohm paging speakers or fifty (50) 70 volt paging speakers. The PA30 provides loud ringing and paging to electronic key systems, 1A2 Key systems, PABXs as well as No-KSU phones and multiline phones.

Paging is accomplished by connecting the PA30 to a paging port or unused telephone line input (trunk port) of nearly any phone system.

The PA30 will also generate adjustable loud ringing from a ringing analog line or from a dry contact closure. Either a loud electronic warble, or one of three other soft chime sounds may be selected. An external night transfer switch can be added to turn loud ringing on or off in night bell applications.

The PA30 is easy to install and eliminates the installation of multiple bells, relays and paging cards. The unit comes complete with a power supply, and integrated 30 watt amplifier.

Also known as

  • Viking Pa-30 30 Watt Paging Amplifier
  • Viking Phone Accessories 30-Watt Telecom Paging Amplifier VK-PA-30
  • Viking 30 Watt Telecom Pagin Amp with Loud Ringer
  • Amplified loud paging.
  • Loud ringing.
  • Night bell.
  • Background music .
  • 30 Watts of paging power.
  • Drive up to (30) 8 ohm speakers.
  • 70V output can drive up to (50) 70V speakers.
  • Master volume control.
  • Separate volume controls for Auxiliary Input Paging Ringing Tones and Background Music.
  • Electronic warble (traditional loud ringer).
  • Double gong (two identical gong” tones).
  • Quadruple chime (four descending chime tones).
  • Door chime (ding-dong).
  • Provides loud ringing or night bell.
  • Night transfer switch.
  • Page from an unused trunk port or paging port.
  • Can provide background music from an external source.
  • Use as a low cost stand alone power amplifier.
  • 600 Ohm output to drive additional amplifiers.
  • Use multiple units for more paging power.
  • Choose from up to 4 ringing sounds
  • 1 year warranty