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Visonic RL8

Visonic RL8
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The RL-8 is an 8-relay (reed type) "open collector to dry contact" adapter, designed as an interface unit between the outputs of the MCR-308 wireless receiver and alarm control panel zone inputs.

Similarly, the RL-8 can serve as a suitable output interface for other electronic security devices that have open-collector outputs. Operating power for the RL-8 is obtained from the same source that supplies input voltage to the MCR-308.

RL-8 Features:
  • The eight N.O. (normally open) reed relays of RL-8 can control up to 8 zones of an alarm control panel.
  • When an event code is received by the MCR-308, the proper open collector output of the MCR-308 energizes one of the RL-8 relays, to activate its contact.
  • Sold as a "bare" module, but can be housed in the MCR-308 cabinet, next to the MCR-308 printed board.
  • Relays coil impedance 2500 Ohm.
  • Relays contact - Form 1A (N.O.), 0.1A max. /30V.
  • Current drain – 5 mA per relay @ 12 VDC.