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VISONIC Visonic MCM140

VISONIC Visonic MCM140
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The Visonic MCM-140 is the universal wireless portable remote control unit for the PowerMax and other Visonic PowerCode security and home automation systems. It enables easy arming and disarming of the programming of the PowerMax system. Among other functions, the MCM-140 also enables controlling X-10 devices from anywhere in the home or office, using PowerMax keypad commands.

The MCM-140 employs Visonic's PowerCode wireless technology featuring 16 million possible code combinations and smart, anti-collision transmission algorithms. For arming, disarming and security functions, the MCM-140 utilizes Visonic's CodeSecure wireless technology. Featuring over 100 million possible combinations and proprietary rolling code encryption algorithm, CodeSecure prevents "code grabbing" by potential intruders.

This ergonomically designed remote commander is available in several optional frequencies in compliance with European, U.S. and other international standards. It is powered by a standard long life Lithium battery with visible and transmitted low battery alarms. A wall-mounted bracket enables mounting the unit in the most convenient place.

Also known as

  • Visonic Group - MCM140 - Remote 1wy Wl Keypad For Pm
  • W/lith battery