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Cooper Wheelock AMT241575WFRNYC

Cooper Wheelock AMT241575WFRNYC
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The Wheelock Multitone, Fixed-candela Electronic Appliance Strobe for use in New York City provides a candela rating of 15 cd (75 cd on axis) and eight groups of three distinct prioritized sound outputs from separate electrically-isolated input terminals. Priority 1 overrides all other commands at activation. Choose from high dBA or standard dBA sound output. These appliances operate on 24 VDC, filtered or FWR. Use these appliances only in the following installations: Computer rooms, libraries, museums, and so on that use FM-200, Inergen, or any other fire extinguishing system as defined in the Rules of the City of New York 15-08 Pre-action sprinkler systems Instead of the three separate and distinct signals at the interior fire alarm, smoke detection, and sprinkler alarm systems control panel.