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Wheelock MTH-24 Multi-Tone Paging Alert Horn

Wheelock MTH-24 Multi-Tone Paging Alert Horn
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Wheelock MTH-24 Multi-Tone Paging Alert Horn


Highlights for Cooper Industries MTH-24 Megaphone

The MTH-24 Multi-Tone Horn is a loud, attention getting alert designed for use in noisy and/or large locations where two different audible appliances are required at one location.

The MTH-24 functions as a telephone extension alert because it provides a pulsed warble tone (1 second on and 7 seconds off) which can be activated by a telephone systems interrupted or continuous dry contact closure. Additionally, it functions as an auxiliary alert because it also provides a steady tone which follows the contact closure of a door/service push-button, time clock, alarm systems, etc. When both alerting tones are activated, the steady tone will take priority over the warble tone.

    Also known as

    • MTH-24 Megaphone
    • Wheelock Mth-24 Multi-tone Horn
    • Wheelock WH-MTH-24 Multi-Tone Horn

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