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Wheelock UTA-1 Wheelock Universal Tel Alert

Wheelock UTA-1 Wheelock Universal Tel Alert
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Wheelock Universal Indoor/ Outdoor Telephone Alerts: UTA-1 and UTA-WH-VPS are loud attention getting electronic ringers designed for use in noisy locations or for wide area coverage. The UTA-1 operates off the telephone ringer voltage. The UTAWH- VPS requires 115 VAC and telephone ring trigger voltage for activation of the strobe and ringer.

Also known as

  • Cooper Wheelock UTA-1 Universal Telephone Alert - 109 dB - Gray
  • Wheelock Wheelock Universal Tel Alert
  • Cooper Wheelock UTA-1 Weatherproof Telephone Alert.
  • Designed for telephone extension and notification alerting.
  • For use in small areas like an office and/or large noisy areas.
  • Tone Volume Range and Description.
  • Horn 82-109 dB Broadband Horn.
  • Bell 76-104 dB 1560 Hz Modulated (0.07 Sec. ON/Repeat).
  • Vibrating Chime 68-94 dB 700 Hz (1.0 Sec. Decay/Repeat).
  • Single Chime 68-94 dB 700 Hz (1.0 Sec. Decay).
  • Horn, Bell, Vibrating Chime, Single Chime.
  • High output 109 dB piezo speaker.
  • Tamper resistant volume control.
  • Dip switch selectable.
  • Low current draw and REN.
  • Multiple voltage activation.